Dear DAV MN Members…
I want to briefly provide you with an update on how your Department Headquarters is working to address the concerns arising from the current situation with COVID-19. We are receiving regular communication from DAV National, and monitoring all of the advice from the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health. We will make the best decisions possible, with the available information.

Below are specific updates:
DAV MN Convention 2020
Convention 2020 has been POSTPONED. As of now, we are planning a 1 day event on Friday June 26th. This will be to conduct mandatory business only. Members seeking higher office, the application is available on our website and details on meeting with the Nominating Committee PRIOR to June 26 will be shared at a later date. For those members that made hotel reservations UNDER our DAV Block for May, these reservations will be cancelled by the hotel. Please do not call the hotel at this time as their staff is overloaded.

Chapter Meetings/Elections
I have been getting more questions about holding Chapter meetings. There is guidance from CDC discouraging groups of 10 or more from gathering, especially if the space will not allow for the proper “social distancing”. It is ok to cancel/postpone meetings.

These are uncharted waters for all of us and we all have to make the best decision we can with the best interest of our families, community, and members in the forefront of our mind. I know many chapters are looking at upcoming elections, please know we will work with you when things settle down to resolve any and all issues. Currently, the guidance is if you can not safely hold a scheduled election, your current line will continue until you can meet again.

Please know we will keep you posted as things change and your Dept. Staff and Executive Committee continue to work for you and to navigate these trying times. I encourage you to reach out if you need anything.

Clothing Collection Operations
As of today (3/16/2020), we are not aware of any specific changes to our clothing program fundraiser due to the COVID 19 situation. However, as new information comes available conditions seem to be changing quickly. We are working on contingency plans for several different scenarios (just in case) and we will keep Chapter and Department Leadership updated with any changes to the best of our abilities.

DAV MN Donor Connect Program
Effective immediately, we have decided to suspend the MN DAV Donor Connect Program until further notice. This means we will not accept Durable Medical Equipment donations nor will we assist in the disbursement of medical equipment we have on our current inventory dated Feb 24, 2020.


Disabled Veteran Turkey Hunt at Camp Ripley CANCELLED

DAV MN HQ Office
At this time, the DAV MN HQ office located in the State Veterans Service Building is open with minimal staff. Please do not visit the office if there isn’t an immediate need. Alex the Department Service officer and the National Service office are only available thru phone calls. They are not seeing veterans in their offices at this time.

Veterans Day on the Hill 2020
The COVID-19 virus has caused disruptions that limit gatherings throughout the state and nation. Current federal and state guidance requires that the scheduled “Veterans Day On The Hill 2020” pre-event lunch, march and capitol rotunda rally will not convene in-person as scheduled on April 20, 2020.

I strongly encourage you to immediately contact transportation companies you may have made arrangements with to let them know the event has been cancelled.

Parting Message
The Disabled Americans Veterans of Minnesota has an important mission, and it is entirely possible that at a time like this we may be called on to help our Disabled Veterans in new ways. During this time please keep in mind the Veterans who may be struggling in your communities as schools close, workplaces shut down, and elderly Veterans face possible shortages. Our Chapter’s are the best positioned to help these Veterans immediately, as new challenges arise.
Trent C Dilks
Department Adjutant Disabled American Veterans, Dept. of Minnesota