CONTENT CREATOR NEEDED (by Ken Plant, outbound Chapter webmaster/IT).

In the quiet corners of cyberspace, where pixels dance and stories unfold, there resides a content creator, A weaver of dreams, both young and old.

Their canvas is the glowing screen, their palette, words that touch the soul, and in this vast digital expanse, they seek to make broken hearts whole.

But beyond the likes and shares, Beyond the metrics and the fame, lies a purpose deeper, more profound, A mission that sets their heart aflame.

They yearn to lift the fallen, to mend the frayed threads of fate, and in the quiet hours of night, they ponder how to alleviate.

And so, they turn their gaze, to those who’ve borne the weight of war, The brave souls who fought valiantly, yet returned with scars unseen, raw.

Disabled veterans, silent heroes, their sacrifices etched in pain, they’ve given limbs, they’ve given peace, yet often find their pleas in vain.

The content creator, with fervent hope, Crafts narratives of resilience and grace, they shine a light on these unsung warriors, their stories woven into cyberspace.

They raise awareness, they rally support for adaptive technologies and healing arts, they channel empathy into action, a bridge between compassion and hearts.

So let us celebrate these creators, whose purpose transcends mere views, for they’re the ones who amplify voices, and champion causes that we mustn’t lose.

May their words echo through the ether, igniting change, sparking empathy, and may they continue to uplift, our disabled veterans, our living legacy.