In the heart of Saint Paul, where the Leprechauns play, And Minneapolis dances in a Celtic array, The streets come alive with shamrocks and cheer, As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, year after year.

Parade routes wakens, adorned in green, A sea of smiling faces, a festive scene. The bagpipes echo, the fiddles entwine, As we march together, our spirits align.

Restaurants beckon, a refuge from the chill, Where laughter and merriment weave their sweet thrill. Corned beef and cabbage, a hearty delight, And warm refreshments flows freely into the night.

So bundle up, dear friends, against the cold, Wrap scarves around memories, stories untold. For in these moments, beneath the March sky, We find warmth in each other, as the bagpipes fly.

From all of us at MN DAV Chapter 39, as we celebrate together with a hot cup of Joe, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, wherever you go! 🍀✨